Hotel Operations

For newly built hotels that are just beginning their operation or even for existing hotel companies who wish to acquire a more efficient management of their resources, based on proven professional standards, it is necessary the development of a Hotel Operations Plan.

The study begins with the clarification on the part of the owner of the expectations and vision for the business. Afterwards, a detailed business plan is created that will highlight with specific actions and goals the direction that should be followed.

A marketing plan will be created with major topics, the analysis of the product, the area and the market, finding the most appropriate market segments, considering the existing competition both in the broader area where it is to operate and the local area, the marketing strategy with defined objectives, the SWOT analysis and the advertising plan.

The sales plan follows by setting room price per period and per segment and the sales promotion of the hotel domestically and abroad.

A detailed operating manual will set the standard of operations for each department and job position and the appropriate pricing for each product and service will be determined.

The staff requirements, the duties and responsibilities along with their working schedule will be defined.

A detailed payroll budget and a detailed budget profit and loss report will be prepared.
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