Sales & Marketing Management

In an ever growing, competitive environment such as the hospitality sector, the challenges related to the marketing strategy and sales are ongoing.

On the other hand, independent hoteliers often lack the resources, the budget or the loyalty programs of major international hotel companies. Therefore, they lose a market share from the competition and they are not able to exploit the true potential of their revenues.

Seeking to support hotels and accommodation units that wish to plan and develop their organic growth, increase sales and maximize their revenues, we work together with Hotelising. Maintaining strong ties with Lamway, Hotelising is an independent sales and marketing management operator for hotel owners and accommodation units.

The team of Hotelising with long, in-depth experience in Sales and Revenue management of the hospitality industry, offers personalized services in a wide range of businesses, from city hotels to luxurious boutique accommodations. We create a customized action plan that is consistent with the profile of your property. A plan that will bring your business close to the key players, such as individual travelers, travel agents and tour operators, conference organizers as well as companies and organizations.

Hotelising acts as the necessary extension of the marketing and sales department of your company, offering a privileged position among the main players of the industry.

With substantial knowledge of the behavior, the needs, the requirements and the purchasing power of the travel market, the team of Hotelising is able to answer your questions and solve your problems.
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